The Vision

Clinton: The Downtown Vision

February 2018

The Chamber hosted a series of events that featured Gianni Longo with Gianni Longo Associates, LTD. Longo is known for his work of urbanizing cities throughout the United States. In Tennessee, Longo’s visions have led to the redesign Chattanooga’s riverfront, downtown Franklin, and even Knoxville’s Market Square. The series kicked off with an opening presentation by Gianni Longo with around 100 Anderson County attendees. Following that, Longo conducted group interviews and multiple open houses while the plan was taking shape, ending the week with a Closing Presentation to present the results. Sketches of the Downtown Vision were presented to the crowd during the Closing Presentation. Overall, the four days had a participation of over 300 people involved. 

The Renderings

September 2018

On September 25, 2018, the Anderson County Chamber of Commerce presented a brand new video highlighting Clinton: The Downtown Vision. This event was held at Faith Promise’s Anderson County Campus. The Chamber partnered with QK4, Inc. to create a video that showcases 3D animations of the new Green Bridge, streetscapes, and more of what the vision holds. The drone footage for this video was filmed by Ryan Sutton with Ryan’s Productions.