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Clinton Physical Therapy Center

Clinton Physical Therapy Center is a woman-owned small business which has served the Clinton and Anderson County region with physical therapy care for 28 years.  The center prides itself on the quality of one on one care that it provides to patients.  The facility is a member of the Physical Therapy Provider Network, (PTPN) which sets high standards for private practice physical therapy clinics across the nation in regards to quality assurance, continuing education and professional/support staffing ratios.  CPTC has participated in nationally recognized, Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes, (FOTO) for 10 years, which sets standards for treatment based upon a national database.  This allows CPTC to demonstrate that their patients get better outcomes more efficiently.

The staff at CPTC is always striving to add new interventions to the already vast array of services offered at the facility.  Joyce Klee, PT, CIDN has been treating patients with Integrative Dry Needling over the past 6 months with excellent results on a multitude of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions.  In addition, Kelly Lenz, PT, CHWC, has received her certification as a Wellness & Health Coach.  This will provide help for those people who are ready to make a change in their life, but just don’t know how to get started, or have lacked the motivation or accountability to succeed in the past.  This is extremely beneficial for persons with illnesses such as heart disease or diabetes, but is also helpful for people who just want to lose some weight, become more active or need to develop mindful practices in their life.

CPTC also houses the Take Charge Fitness Program which provides an exercise facility for the community for individualized programs, group exercise, personal training, sports enhancement, massage therapy, swimming lessons and much more.

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