Welcome to Anderson County, Tennessee!

Whether you’re in the county as a visitor, vacationer, new resident or recruiter in search of a site for your business, you’ll find that Anderson County’s greatest asset is its lifestyle.  Anderson County delivers what many areas only promise: small town life amid forested hills, with large, sparkling lakes and clean rivers.  The municipalities of Clinton, Norris, Oak Ridge, Oliver Springs, and Rocky Top, together with rural areas, reflect a diverse county, strongly influenced by its heritage and history, but deeply committed to the bright future that lies ahead.

Rick Meredith, President

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What’s so cool about manufacturing? View videos from each of the four schools Clinton Middle, Lake City Middle, Norris Middle or Norwood Middle. Each video is 2.5 minutes in length!


Awards were presented on May 5, 2016 Clinton Middle School/Eagle Bend Manufacturing, Inc. was recognized as the winner!

Congratulations Clinton Middle School and Eagle Bend Manufacturing.